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Yes. It is somewhat seasonal, but we try to stock boraras and other nanos and usually have some. We're actually out now, but should be getting more soon. Neons aren't a fish we normally stock, but we can get them. We do have gold neons currently.
Do you think you'll have some chili rasboras in about a month or two? New 5 gallon starting a cycle this week.
We have one Bolivian right now, and should have more on the way this week. We have red spotted nerites and horned nerites, and more zebra nerites on the way also.
Hello :)
Do you have any German blue rams and Kribensis cichlids?
I'm looking for a pair of each.
We have a pair of kribs but no blue rams. We don't usually stock blue rams.
do yall have any small gouramis like sparklings or thicklips that are safe with blue pearl shrimp?
The only gourami we currently have are pearls. Sparklers would be good with shrimp, but may pick off babies. I think thick lips would probably go after adults as well. We're hoping to get some more sparklers soon.
Inch and a half to two for a "large" one.
oh good. thanks. I am currently doing fishless cycle in my 20G long and was thinking of sparkling gouramis as one of my stocks when the tank is ready.
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