fish being obstinate.

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i do have a kit
just dont like to use it i really dont care about the fin but
there is a part of the puffers body that is "lighter" (color) that the rest of his body as you can see in the picture
u may get it confuse thinking its a fin lol
but i circled saying that i think it is a disease of some sort
but what is it???

you're acting in complete idiocy by not eliminating the simplest things to test for first: the water parameters.

And if the puffer really does have portions of its fin missing, that's probably not a disease, it's probably another fish nipping at it, making it stress and not eat and act "retarded".

If you don't care about the fish that much, let me know where you live. I'll come and pick up your tank and stuff and take it off your hands.
Can you please get some tests done, so we know what your water parameters are? From you casual comments about not caring, maybe you should look at taking the poor animal back or trading it with some one who has time and patience to care for it.
We are a community of concerned hobbyists - concerned for the fish and for helping and educating fellow hobbyists. Peas, you have received some good advice here from people who do care about you and your fish. Please learn how to do water testing - it is an essential part of the hobby. Or if you can't care for your fish, please make provisions to give them to someone who will. If you can't care for your fish now, there is no shame in admitting that - it could be a positive step for you and the fish. Please do let us know how you're doing with the fish.
removed and will no longer attempt to help this individual . Good luck to the OP
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Classy. Very classy.

Should've bit your tongue longer.

While it IS frustrating when people ask questions and either don't like the answers they're getting, or refuse to lift a finger to help themselves, stooping to name calling never really helps get your point across. Never heard anyone respond to a flame by saying "Oh gee... I guess you're right. Thank you."
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Ok, we need to keep this on track. The issue is the poor fish. I think it is time to be productive, if not, we will lock this thread.
ill try to be the levelheaded here... im also new to this hobby but i have invested alot of time and money into my new found fishkeeping endeavor and i feel i have done a good job... my water is always crystal clear and my fish have been very healthy for the most part. it really seems to me peas that you found this forum on google and just want to make trouble... the people on here are the greatest and the most helpful youll find in this hobby and you should have a little more respect on here by not using such an ignorant word. i know its been said before but if you really dont care that much about your tank to take 5 mins out of your day to check your parameters then you dont deserve to keep fish... you should return everything and take up pet rocks they have the maintenance level youre willing to put in... if you would take the time to answer all the questions posed to you, you will be amazed at how quickly your questions are answered and your problems solved. if youre just here to make waves (pun intended) and troll around then i suggest you go somewhere else. the serious fishkeepers here would like to keep this forum respectful and informative. i wish you luck in getting your act together and taking the lives youve taken responsibilty for more seriously.
Ok, we need to keep this on track. The issue is the poor fish. I think it is time to be productive, if not, we will lock this thread.

I think the next response from Peas will determine if this thread will ever be productive. :rolleyes:
If you don't care about the fish that much, let me know where you live. I'll come and pick up your tank and stuff and take it off your hands.

If you're closer to Saint Louis than Florida, I'll do it :cool:
OK folks it looks like the admin changed the title so let`s get on with business as usual here at AA. Hopefully he`ll take ya`lls advice to heart and do the right thing.
uh sry bout the title
but i think you misunderstood me on the "i dont care" part. sry to get you guys all angry. what i meant was that i can cure the puffers fin rot thing and so that is not the main priority. but water is perfect and i checked it few weeks ago and the water cant change dramatically after few weeks. and when i posted the thread it was a day after i saw my fish not eating. and i dont think that my aquarium has some how caused the disease but i think i bought it like that to tell the truth. although that is information that probably no one would care about and u guys will probably think that this is somekind of childish excuse or something.
Anyways y would i started a thread when i "dont care" about it???? if i didnt i wouldnt even try to find a forum filled with people of more experience than me and taking care of fishes..
whatever i wouldnt care if anyone helped now
cuz my fished died this morning :(
and ty for trying to help me...
I am sorry to hear that the fish died, and I apologize for accusing you of not caring. The way you responded made it *seem* like you didn't care about the fish. However, I think that water quality could be an issue and it is highly possible for things to go from fine to chaos in a few weeks or even in a few days. If it is water quality, then it is likely that you will have additional problems and need help. It would be in your best interest to test the water asap to eliminate this as a possibility. I wish you the best of luck with taking care of the remaining inhabitants of your tank.
I am so sorry for your loss. Please don't be discouraged. The members on this site can help you with a healthy and happy tank.
I agree, sorry for your loss. We like to help and the info you gave was not enough for us to help. I kinda did the same thing when I first started (slinks away in shame), I knew what the folks here were asking and kinda tried to side step their questions. I learned very quick that honesty is the only thing that can help.
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