Fish Food/Shellfish allergy/eye problem

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Feb 23, 2014
Chicago, Il.
I'm posting in case anyone else with a shellfish allergy develops eye problems. I had 2 recent cataract surgeries, then 1 1/2 months later started my 1st aquarium and thought my left eye was rejecting the plastic implanted lens due to the eye constantly weeping, being somewhat itchy, occasional gravel sensation.

I always washed hands before feeding fish, but never after feeding them. I, also, never realized that my shellfish allergy could extend to anything other than eating them. I did know most fish foods have brine shrimp as an ingredient but never associated the eye problem with the fish food.

Turns out the small amount of shrimp in the food was the cause of my eye problem and not an implant rejection.

I now wear protective lenses and wash my hands immediately after feeding the fish. I'm also going to be investing in a mortar and pestle to lessen contact with the food.

This is just an FYI.
Hi, thanks for this - I spend so much time protecting the fish and being careful if small kids are feeding that I never considered the reverse so much.
You're welcome. Thanks for posting. Kids is a good point. With kids it's so hard to tell what they are allergic to.

Also, I recently read about people with bloodworm allergies. Not sure if it was here or at another forum. But, here's a link to one story about bloodworm allergies:
Hey - thanks for this (I know this is an old thread) - I am allergic to shellfish and hadn't even thought about this:) Not sure what we will be feeding our (yet to be introduced) fish yet, but this is so good to keep in mind!
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