Fish swimming through the house

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Seriously that is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
Looks like a bar or lounge. If I had a place like that near me, I'd never go home! 8)

I wonder how they clean it and keep it free of algae. :?:
The thing I was wondering about it how they keep the water from overflowing into the tanks as water likes to follow the path of least resistance. So, the tanks MUST be sealed right? All of the pressure from the water above is also pressing on all of the other aquariums. How did they keep the tanks from bursting? It looks like they are normal tanks. Maybe there are a bunch of them to help distribute the load... anyway that is pretty neat.
It's too bad the website doesn't even say where the pics are from. Otherwise we could contact them and figure out how the system works.
I want one!!!!

My birthday is in April, so there's plenty of time for you guys to organize and save money. Thanks!

:eek2: That is by far the coolest thing I have ever seen. I can see how water would stay in it but how do you fill it up in the first place?
WaterPond said:
i think it would be better with some smaller fish. Woudn't a few hundred neon tetras look amazing in there. WOW, i want one too!!!
ya, hundreds of tetras and rasboras!
I remember seeing this a year or so ago. It's a cool idea, but wouldn't the water in the tubes go stagnant?

It would suck if the water in the tubes spilled out and overflowed into the aquariums.
they act like siphons no? so fill one tank, drain the other, and the whole system flows.
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