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Jul 15, 2014
Flatworms good or
Just found two of these guys on the tank wall!

ImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1406684675.046302.jpg

This is not
My tank or picture,
Couldn't get a good
Shot, but this so what they look like!

Input please!!!!!

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They are bad. They irritate lps coral and cause it to retract. I believe they eat the slime that the corals excrete. I had them and treated with Flatworm Exit. Need to pull your carbon and follow directions exactly. Make sure you syphon the dead/dying worms because if you leave a lot of dead flatworms in your tank they release a toxin.

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Ok as of today I have only seen/found 5! As soon as I find them I have been sucking them out with just a small tube and syphoning, may seem a little pain in the butt, but it's working!

Should things get out of control, treatment is definitely still on the table!


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