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Jun 23, 2023
Hi guys!
Basically, I've been given someones old 170L tank and all their equipment ect so I decided to upgrade from my 65L. The filter they had is a 206 fluval canister- I've watched a load of youtube videos and stuff but I can't get it to work?? Its making the right noises but its not sucking up any water. Any advice? I need to get this working asap as I've been given a load of fish with the tank unexpectedly and they're currently in there with no running filter!!
Have you fully opened the aquastop valve (pulled the lever down) and primed it (pumped on the primer until the canister fills with water)?

What point are things not working?

If you turn off the filter and open it up, has the canister filled up with water?
yes- unfortunately the first time I pumped it, the filter was plugged in which I now know not to do :/ Do you think this might have broken it?
If the filter filled with water then and its not returning to the tank then it might be the impeller which you should periodically replace.
Hi and welcome to the forum :)

It might have air trapped in it. Most filters with primers are poorly designed and the priming features are usually rubbish. To fill an external canister filter, do the following.
Put the filter next to or below the tank (wherever it normally lives).
Have the intake hose in the aquarium.
Suck on the outlet hose until water starts draining into the filter.
Put the end of the outlet hose into a bucket next to the filter.
Let the filter fill with water and start flowing into the bucket.
Put your thumb over the end of the outlet hose to stop water coming out.
Move the outlet hose into the aquarium.
Dry your hands and turn the filter on.

If it doesn't pump water, give the filter a gentle rock back and forth a couple of times to dislodge any air that might be trapped in it.

If it still doesn't work, turn the filter off and disconnect the hoses. Take the motor off the filter and hold it upside down. Make sure your hands are dry and turn the filter on for a few seconds. See if the impellor is spinning. If it isn't then you have an issue with the motor not working, or the impellor is stuck. Turn it off and clean everything and try again. If it still doesn't work, you need some replacement parts.
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