Fluval Bio Life (Internal Wet/Dry) Filter

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Apr 15, 2005
Riyadh, Suadi Arabia
I am wondering if anyone has or had experience with this product. If so, is it good or bad experience? The average price of the unit? And if it comes for larger tanks? It seems fairly new, but I could be wrong.

What I am trying to achieve is a good filtration for 75 Gallon tank. This product is for 55 gallon tanks, but I have Fluval 304 canister filter and a built in hood filter by JEBO.

Which one would be best price and efficient wise of the following choices?
Fluval Bio Life (Internal Wet / Dry) filter, Fluval canister 304 and JEBO built in hood filter?
Two canister filters with JEBO built in hood filter?
Or Canister with external Wet / Dry filter, and JEBO built in hood filter?

I am trying to keep HOB as Aqua Clear 110 as last resorts because I don't want to have something bulging on the back and top of the aquarium.
just upgrade to an fx5. =0)

havn't seen the new wet/dry yet. I live in cailfornia, and it hasn't been released here yet.
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