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Feb 20, 2014
Liverpool, UK.
I've had this FX6 set up for around 6 months now. It has always been reasonably silent (as silent as a filter that size will ever be).

However, I've just given it a clean and decided to check the pump out of curiosity.
I got out the manual and followed the instructions on taking apart and putting together the pump unit.

I set it back up on the tank and now the pump is making a HORRENDOUS buzzing noise.
What might I have done wrong?

One thing I did notice was that the O-ring between the impeller itself and the red housing isn't actually doing anything?
It's completely loose with no obvious groove to put it in.

Please help me someone!

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Oh never mind...

I got it working...

It seems that you need to do everything twice before it works with this FX6...

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It's also now almost COMPLETELY silent...

Really irritating how things work out like that..

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