Fluval Sea LED Nano - Tank Placement

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Apr 4, 2012
Northern Colorado, USA
Here is the tank, had to take it down and clean and now getting ready to stick on the light but can't decide for sure to stick it on to the side a little to the right edge or in the center???

Light is a Fluval LED nano Marine and Reef (and yes I already know it isn't a very powerful light)

If you aren't familiar with it, the arm which holds the light has the knob in the center and allows the arm to swing out of the center of the tank for cleaning and scaping and the knob allows it to move front to back.

The heater will stay ~ where it is the pic.

Where would you place the light bar and why...
.25 from the right
.33 from the right

Previously set up pic without the light -

The scape will be totally different as the tank is clean and empty now.


Stand and tank before setting it up the first time

Hoping to throw everything back in there tonight and stick the arm on too!
Thanks in advance!
I'd just put it dead center. How are you attaching the bracket ( can't think of a better name for the tube thing ;) to the tank?

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