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Sep 3, 2005
:) I have been into this hobby for about 6 months now I have learned allot so far of course I have a ton to learn I would like to share some of it with my fellow newbies. I am not going to cover stuff about cycling the tank others have done that and it is easy to find. but I want to say do it don't let the guy at the lfs say you can use this formula and cycle your tank in one day. one thing I have learned short cuts lead to problems in Saltwater to save a step here is to do three step latter on the old way is the best way. the other reason I think short cuts are bad it allows you to take a short cut use the time while the tank cycles to learn the hobby read read read.. think about what fish you want to add 1st usually a damsel or clown but keep in mind they are are aggressive fish they are from the same family. I also recommend practice going to the lfs and looking and not buying, go to lunch wait till the next day don't let the baggier tell you that a small yellow tang will be just fine in your 20 gallon because your kid saw Nemo. I have 4 books I love and read them all the time 2 I take to the fish store every time I go.

The Conscientious Marine Aquarist by Robert M. Fenne. a must buy
Water Chemistry for the marine Aquarium John H. tullock
Marine Fishes: 500+ Essential-To-Know Aquarium Species
A PocketExpert Guide to Marine Invertebrates: 500+

read the 1st two 1st while your tank cycles. the last two books I always take to the lfs they are a excellent guide so when the kid at the store says a Maderine will do great in you tank you can see he is wrong! learn how to read your tanks ask lots of questions there is nobody here that has not experienced what you are experiencing now almost all of us have acted on impulse, bought the wrong fish, lost fish thought about giving up at some point above all take your time enjoy your hobby. once you have a successful tank your friends will be very jealous.
yeah but i think I might recomend different book lol! 8O and let me just adda rushed fish is a dead fish! 0X
I dont think it can hurt to be overeducated some times.. :p
good show.. (y)

You never know.. SW might be just around the corner.. :p
Very well said. I'll also second your comment about taking the book to the store. i have the luxury of not needing to, as the LFS I go to has customer copies of those books that you can grab and look up whats on display any time you'd like. Very commendable for a LFS.

Something just about everyone here recommends is another thing you've pointed out. Patience and information are THE keys to success in SW.

Nice post. :D
also if your going to pay this much for a sw tank take the time and do it might just have to buy all the stuff over again, fun huh?

search on the subject a lot before you start it.

if you read enough youll find out that its not as hard as they say it is.

and yes lfs's are not a very good source of info on sw about 75 percent of the time.
just look it up unless you know that they are very good with sw tanks and know what theyre doing.
in other words ask before you buy it that's the reasin these forum were set up everybody wants to help everybody else. there are certentlt some great lfs but there are many many more bad ones and allot of them have won expert the rest no better then a bagger find out who the expert is if he's not there wait till another day. but I will say if I had asked more about equipment in starting it wouldhave saved me allot of money and fish!!!!! frustration!!
When I went to my LFS to start getting supplies to set up my tank they gave me the best advice I think I ever received there. The guy said reading up will help (as long as the material is current) but he said the best thing to do is join some forums. He said that, that way I could ask specific questions and learn from what others have experienced. Like many others I do have a collection of books but I have found the forums to be the best place to find answers. No matter how stupid my questions may feel. Like they say a dumb question is the one left unasked. :)
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