freaked out by my male clownfish

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Jun 23, 2014
so I got home from my job at 1:30.. am..(-_-) and I felt horrible that I couldn't be home to feed my clownfish again for "dinner" so as I reached for the pellets I noticed my male clownfish swimming face down and he was COMPLETELY pale.. the light came on for the tank and I immediately thought I should plan his lil funeral..

but slowly his color came back and after a while I fed them just to see if they were okay.. but they both refused to eat... I think maybe I passed their meal time. I'm not crazy worried but is he going to be okay!
I thought maybe the salinity was too high..? but I had added some water when I walked into the room bc I realized some water has evaporated.. so I can't know what it was at before.

has this happened to anyone else before...?
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he's completely back to normal now. Smalls isn't dead. :)
Fish do sleep :) they change colour at night my damsel goes a pale blue and my chromis get weird colours to its perfectly normal as for not eatinf they could be still adjusting to the sudden light

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I agree it was pale because the lights were off. My clowns get pale at night with no lights then color back up a few minutes after the lights come on. I have a blue damsel that turns black at lights off. I wouldnt worry about it unless he doesnt eat.

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I wouldn't wake them up next time to eat - they will be fine (how often do you feed anyway?) once the lights are off just leave them be til morning. I have a puffer fish that turns all white and sleeps floating upright in the corner, freaked me out the first time I noticed it!

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