Free medium freshwater Pink Ramshorn snails

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May 6, 2023
Free freshwater pink Ramshorn snails. Can be kept in an indoor community tank or can be used as feeder snails to pea puffers and other carnivores in freshwater tanks (My pea puffer recently died-RIP) and I have a lot of snails. Pick-up only in Mt. Washington/Cypress Park area in Los Angeles (zip code 90065). Alas, I can't mail them for free!

I can give up to 50 snails, depending upon your tank size.
Message me with:
Possible pick-up times/dates (I don't want to leave snails/water outside too long)
How big is your tank is and how many snails you would like?

I will send you the address and text messaging information. PM if interested. Thanks!
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