Fresh water sump noise

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Sep 27, 2016

I'm new and currently in the process of cycling a 300l freshwater tank with a 190l (ish) sum p.

Anyway, we had to plumb the sump/tank ourselves but we eventually worked it out and it's up and running. So far so good.

However we're having a couple of niggly problems.

1. There is a noise that happens now and then (every 10 minutes ish) I think it's coming from the weir - my thought is that it's from the Durso pipe - I can only describe it as a quiet rumbling noise (like the sound you hear inside the house when it's really windy out)

2. There is another intermittent squirting sound that comes from the short (home made) spray bar attached to the return pipe (taking clean water back into the tank) the holes in this bar sit just below the surface of the water so is mostly silent. The holes causing the occasional squirting noise are the ones closest to the weir so I am wondering if it's caused when water going over the weir somehow drops the level of the tank water and briefly exposes those spray bar holes.

I hope my description makes sense!

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can solve these problems?


I used to get a slight humming sound from the pump as it would vibrate on the bottom glass , I added a cut up piece of filter media and placed it under the pump no more humming sound .

I used to get a gargling sound from the water kicked out of the pump as it always splashed above the surface especially when the water was low from evaporation .
I added a deflector on water outlet to keep water movement under the surface no more gargling sound , still get the same flow and performance just with out the noise ,

There are many simple fixes that can be done with basically anything around your fish tank . a little imagination and you can rig up just about anything
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