issue with loud Durso drain into sump

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Nov 2, 2021
I know this topic has probably been covered at least a million times before, but I am having trouble getting my durso drain to quiet down, the problem is not with respect to the gurgling or draining sound, the problem is the running water into the sump.

I have attached a few pictures of my setup. but let me describe to you my setup I have completed so far.

I have a 90 gallon Aqueon megaflow aquarium, rectangle with one overflow is the left back of the tank (not corner).
One drain which is durso standpipe (1inch pvc) which flows down into a slip bulkhead back into a 1 inch pvc pipe with a gate valve and a ball valve.
Sump is a 20 gallon, with a few baffles, media, heater and a return sump pump, it is a KEDSUM (from amazon) rated at 880.
The pump then returns the water up a flex hose into pvc also plumped with a gate and ball valve.

The issue stems from the water returning into the sump, it sounds like a waterfall.

I have attached some pictures for a visual.

What am I doing wrong?


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Having any sort of gate or ball valve on a single drain is very risky. It’s likely not the cause of the water splashing, but something to strongly consider would be removing it. If that valve ever gets closed at all, clogged, etc your tank will overflow since there’s no emergency drain and your return pump will keep pushing water into the display…

In regards to the noise- what’s your flow rate? Have you tried drilling a hole in the top of the durso cap and putting some airline hosing down into the drain?
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