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If you will have the CPDs continually (like in month or two's time), I would like to see a picture of a colored-up adult, please.
those Cochu's are GORGEOUS. if my tank was ready i'd want them.... will you have more a couple weeks down the road? or even a few weeks?
Thanks! I can't say for sure how long we will have these, but when your tank is ready let us know and we'll see. :)

Hmmmmm... Pondering....

How many CPDs do you have available?
We've got 10 available right now.

If you will have the CPDs continually (like in month or two's time), I would like to see a picture of a colored-up adult, please.
Man, I've been trying like crazy to get a decent pic of the CPDs and they are crazy difficult to get a pic of! LOL
All orange von rios pending.
All CPDs pending.

@maxima- we're working on expanding our cory selection. We do not have black corys at this time, though. :)
ah ok!!! when you do get that, i most definitely would buy some of you guys ^_^ shoot me a pm when you do

Ok, that sounds good maxima. Once we get in different species, they will be posted in a sale thread, but if we can get some black corys you'll be the first to know.

CPD's are sold!
Can you guys get pencilfish (gold) and/or female dario dario?

We have a tank full of beckfordi that are in QT right now. :) They should be ready to go in around the end of July.
Wanted to add: our buyer backed out for the orange von rios. We have 24 available and ready to go, they've been in QT for over a month. :)
We have a bunch of stuff finishing up QT and a bunch growing out. L-066, L-333, Espeis, CPDs, Denisons, Gold white clouds, SAEs, amanos, apistos, nerites, etc.... Should be ready to go next Monday. I guess we need to post a new list. lol
I got an order in for 10 of those GWCS! I will be ready for them soon :D Would be already if it wasn't for stupid paypal -_-
Hi, here's a short list of some fish we have available now. Shipping for these starts Monday, July 19. WE accept Paypal. We ship Express mail (guaranteed overnight to many locations), and Priority mail (2-3 days) to continental US only. Express shipping, if overnight, comes with a live arrival guarantee. PM with your zip code for shipping quotes, and with any other questions you might have. If you are under 18 you will need to get your parents' permission to order. Thanks for looking! :)

Espei rasbora, $3.50- These are similar to harlequin rasboras, but are brighter and have a thinner black triangle.


lg. Albino black neon tetra, $4 each or 3 for $10


JUMBO Black neon tetras, $2- beautiful!

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Orange von rio tetra, $3.50

True SAE, $3.50 (1-1.5 inch)- The real deal, small but hungry for some algae! :p

Odessa barbs, $3.50

Black harlequin rasbora, $5- these look amazing in person!

Beckford's pencilfish, $2.50

Gold white clouds, $3

ABN's, $7 (2-3 in.)

There will be more available before too long, so keep checking back.
Gorgeous fishies!!!! all of them! Can't wait to see what you have coming up. I have two empty tanks that are done cycling. :D:D:D...been trying to decide what to put in them.
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