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I need advice.

Attached is a picture of my current setup. On the right side ov my tank cabinet is my wet / dry unit with foam filter and bioballs. Next to the bioballs is my pump, which returns the water to the tank.

On the other side of the cabinet is phosban reactor, uv light and just a mess of cables.

I keep reading about adding water volume to your tank by adding a fuge / sump. I just got a 20 gal tank and was thinking about putting some live rock and a pump and try to use it as a sump over where the cables are.

I have a protein skimmer that there's no room in my current system to install. THought I could put the skimmer in 20 with rock.

What is the easiest way to plum this into my system and is it dooable.

Well, I use a 20g sump, but that is my only thing seperate from my main tank. You could try using a pump thats a LITTLE stronger to return your water and use your return pump that you have now to pump water from your wet/dry into the sump/fuge. Just make sure that your return pump is stronger, since the head will take GPH away from it.
I don't get it.

Now the pump in the wet / dry pumps water back into the tank.

The tank overflows down onto the bioballs.

Are you saying pump water from the 20 gal that would be the new sump into the wet / dry?

If so how to I get water back into the fuge?
No. I am trying to say to still have your overflow feed water to the wet/dry. Just use your return pump and pump th water from the wet/drys sump area into your new sump/fuge. Then buy a slightly stronger pump and use it to return the water to you main tank from the new sump/fuge. Understand?
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