German blue ram breeding

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Jun 7, 2012
West Sussex
Hi people! I know I've got a pair of GBR but I was wondering if anyone out there has bred them? If you have can you please tell me how you did it. And if anyone knows the age of their maturity that would be great! Tanks
Hi people! I know I've got a pair of GBR but I was wondering if anyone out there has bred them? If you have can you please tell me how you did it. And if anyone knows the age of their maturity that would be great! Tanks

When I bred Wild Blue Rams I did the following:
I used a 15 gal tank with a sponge filter or inside corner filter (you want high oxygen but don't want fast water movement )with dense covering with live, low light plants and sand ( if I remember correctly ;)) and placed several pieces of med to med/lg pieces of flat rock (like cobblestone or shale) for them to spawn on (nothing real big). The key I found was that they needed privacy and acidic water to spawn even tho the fish had been acclimated to alkeline water to be able to sell to the stores. I also took the spawns and artificially hatched them to reduce the chances of the parents eating the eggs. ( Dealer's choice on this as some are good parents.) Breeding temp was 78-80 degrees. Lighting was on a timer for consistancy. I also had some cave like areas in the tank for more security.
Conditioning was done with live Tubifex worms (I believe they are now called black worms) feedings and live brine shrimp mixed in with regular flake food feedings.

As for breeding age, the fish matures fairly quickly so you can see sexual differences in coloring by 4 months old but I wouldn't breed anything less than maybe 6 month old. Since wild fish are not real "ageable", they needed to be at least 1 1/2" long before I could get them to breed.

Hope this all helps. (y)
Thanks andy! I'm going to a friends house now. Right I will be hopefully getting another 30 gallon in novmeber and they will be the first residence in there.
You don't have to do much. Just keep the water clean, provide them with hiding spots and flat rocks. And you should be good to go
Okay, so my rams aren't leaving each others side? They are defo male and female. Is this a good sign for breeding? I really hope it is! I know if they spawn it will take a few before any of the eggs make it. I will have a 10 gallon grow out they can go in for that . And they will have a 30 with some other fish
Photo time! First and last one are my males and second one is my female. Ignore the sand and dirt , it needs cleaning tomoz or tonight.
Ohh those are pretty. And yes those are very good signs. It sounds like theyre paired to me. Do they guard a certain part of the tank?
They have only been in the tank for about 4 days, but they do tend to hang out in a particular part. I got them to eat bloodworms tonight as well.
If you have knowledge on breeding please let me know. Or if you have any signs to look out for. You're very helpful btw!
Mine laid eggs a few days after I got them. Does the female have a big red spot on the bottom of her? If she does that's a really good sign.
Yes, I do know that badly any, if none of the eggs will survive but I'll pm or post on this thread of anything happens! Also shall I feed them bloodworms for a couple of days then?
Pckerfreak44 said:
I not sure what to feed cuz all mine died. Defiantly pm me tho when it happens

Okay will do. They will hopefully be moved to another 30 in November so I might get an even better success rate then!
Best pics I can get but since the bloodworms her belly has turned a deeper shade of pink maybe even red. The female is the back one and her belly is now red. He's guarding a territory and she is being a bit more adventurous and is swimming around but then returns to e spot where the male is
Okay so it appears that the male was digging in the sand in quite a secluded area. Is this good?
The only advice I have for you on GBR breeding is that I notice the females stomach goes red when she's spawning, the male chases the female around my tank for about 3 weeks but when her stomach turns reddish, she tends to slow down a bit and looks like she is giving in to the male. They rub against each other now and again and normally after that you see her stomach getting fatter. When her stomach is red and she's ready then her fins stand up and the males colouring also gets more vibrant. When the female is ready to give birth, she moves to her chosen spot, her tail fin flutters and before you know it there are about 30 eggs there, the male then takes over, fanning the eggs for a minute or so and the female retakes her position and lays another 30 or so eggs, this happens between 3 and 5 times before the female swims off and leaves the male to do his job. He fans the eggs and guards them from anything that comes near. The 2nd and 3rd day, both parents take it in turn to guard the eggs. That's all I know about GBR breeding as that's as far as I've got with them. Hope I've helped?
Not flat rocks but I have seven rocks in the tank which create a cave. Also I have some boxwood. Ill keep you guys updated!
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