german blue rams

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Yes, I see your point. The second one I believe may be partially due to camera angle. I think the head of the fish is slightly closer to the camera than the tail. This gives it a slightly distorted head-heavy look. As long as most of my fish are good I'm fine. I only really wanted 4 in the first place...ended up getting 8. haha
well I woke up this morning and my male GBR seems to have developed Ich. Not sure where it came from, I haven't bought a new fish in about 2 months....and all my tanks have been ich free for about a year and a half. Either way, I'm beginning the heat treatment. I'm also considering Quick Cure, I think I saw you recommend this on another thread for Ich BS? Seems like you also mentioned it for conditioning the water for eggs. Correct me if I'm wrong of course.
I'd use Quick Cure on the Rams and skip the heat alltogether. I've used it twice so far in my Endler tank (about 4 weeks apart) after the mothers had given birth and developed Ich. It didn't kill ANY of the fry or any fish/snails, I never changed out any of the water and I treated for 3 days straight at the regular dosage. It was gone when I checked on the 4th day. I didn't up the temp, didn't add an extra airstone...nothing additional was done. It works for treating Ich that's for sure.

I have also used it to prevent fungus/bacterial growth in a jar with angelfish wigglers. I've been told by others that it works as well. However, nearly all of the wigglers were gone by day 4 and none made it to the free swimming stage. I can't attribute this loss to the Quick Cure but it can't be ruled out either. I may use something like acriflavin from now on, which has been recommended to me by a ram breeder.
Well for now, heat is all I have. I'm going to look around the LFS's and see if they would have it. You think petsmart would have it?
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