German Blue Rams

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Feb 3, 2015
LaGrange Park Il.
Hi I bought a couple of German Blue Rams at a swap meet a couple of days ago. They are in a heavily planted that has been up for more than a year. I understand they are shy when they get to a new tank. They hide among the foliage. They are only an inch long. Yes there are many tank mates. Anyone have knowledge about these beauties. Can they be fed flake, frozen or freeze dried food? Will they overcome their shyness? Thanks:ermm:
Mine eat EVERYTHING!!! They even go up and down the glass as if they were scrapping algae from the glass. What have you tried specifically?

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Give them a day without feeding and let them see your other fish go nuts for the food.

As I was writing the above statement, I thought of a possibility: make sure your other fish aren't letting the food get to the GBRs. Just a theory but may mean that they need to learn to go "up" for their food. OR, purposely get food that you can sink quickly while the others eat in the surface.

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You could always soak some food in Garlic Guard too, even the pickiest of eaters will have a hard time resisting

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Mine never like freeze dried anything. They had a varied diet of of Omega One super carnivore frozen food, New Life Spectrum pellets, and Hikari sinking wafers.

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Mine LOVE the Hikari carnivore sinking wafers/pellets!!! I throw them for the Kuhlis and end up throwing two because my GBRs find them and devour the tablets.

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I feed my Otos Hikari algae wafers, and my Rams end up eating them... I don't complain though because the spirulina should brighten up their blues

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