Getting live rock from the ocean.

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Mar 6, 2012
I live in fla. I wanna get some more live rock from the ocean this weekend. All my rocks are from the ocean here. Anything I should do to add more LR to the tank. Should I bake it. I have a fish only tank. Any advise would be great.
Good question, im excited to see what everyone says. Is this rock being added to an already cycled tank? Wouldn't baking it turn it into dry rock?
Yeah tank has fish and is fully cycled. Yeah I figured baking it would kill everything. But the good stuff from my other LR would settle in all in good time.
Is there anything wrong with rinsing baking rinsing and tossing in your tank.
Are you suppose to be messing around with wildlife? In my area, it is illegal to disturb any wildlife or take anything out of the ocean. Ask the wildlife ranger who patrols the coast.
I dont think it's legal. But.... If ya just did it fast enuff so the stuff on the rock didn't die I dont think it would mess things up to bad. Cooking the rock would just kill everything on the rock. When you put it in your tank the dead stuff you couldnt get off would rot and cause problems.
It is legal to take any rock not submerged in water. There is a place I fish. Its super rocky. At low tide there are thousands of rocks out of the water. Game and fish guy said its not a problem as long as you are not commercially harvesting them.
Not sure it's legal...

A quick google search and it appears it is illegal in most areas.
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Maybe the girl I talked to did not know our just did not care. Lol
I would check with local laws but FL from the search was in the illegal list as was most areas. Not worth the trouble IMO.
seems like it already happened ;). I'd watch out for critters, pistol shrimp and the like. Cool, but not entirely reef ready. If that picture was of your aquascape, you might want to think about arranging it for optimum flow. You've got what I like to call "the wall" effect going on.
I did she said aslong as they are not submerged in water. But it was 2 or 3 yrs ago. Also she might just had not cared. I fish there allot and knows me well.
Yeah doing fish only. Them rocks are 3 or 4 yrs old. The way I have the rocks are not good. Any advice is helpful. But yes I was going to get more rocks at the same place I got them. build up the other side.
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