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Jul 21, 2013
So I started my saltwater aquarium (29 gallon) about a week ago and so far the salinity is between 1.023 and 1.024. The temperature is at about 78 degrees. I have this tank at my other house and I don't go there to much but I'm going to be living there soon and that's why I'm starting it there. I just came back to check on it and one of my live rock pieces is basically covered in red. It looks like algae. Can someone explain this to me? Also when I should get some fish and what kind of fish I should get? Just any advice someone could give me would be great!
The red that is on your rock, does it come off easily? Like in a sheet of red? if so it's most likely cyano bacteria. That can be remedied with water changes or by using chemiclean. :)

Is your tank cycled? that will dictate when to add fish.
its like little spikes of hair that are coming off through the rock. Could it be a healthy bacteria?
Little spikes of hair doesnt sound like cyano, but any algae growth such as that doesnt belong in a tank. Can you get a picture of it?
Is there any way I can get your email because its not letting me send you mine because I'm a new member. I could send you a picture of what the live rock looks like
You should be able to post a picture right here in this thread. If you have it up on photobucket that is, or another hosting site. Its free by the way. :)
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