Wanted: Ghost Shrimp

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Apr 4, 2011
Anyone willing to generously give some ghost shrimp preferably 5 females? If not how much each and ill pay for everything :].:eek:
I have 5 ghost shrimp that I need to get rid of.. I don't want them anymore.. I know one is a female.. possibly 2... I'm not sure about the rest as they are medium sized and that's the only way I knew to tell them apart. I've never shipped fish so I'm not sure exactly how to go about it, but I'm sure I could probably figure it out
Shipping 5 ghost shrimp would literally cost 4x as much in shipping (not including breather bags) as the shrimp themselves. Chain stores sell them for $0.33-0.50 each...
i wish my local chain stores sold them for that,the cheapst i can get them is 75 cents,and thats at an LFS.the closest petsmart to me has them for a dollar each.
i went to almost EVERY SINGLE store in my area. About like 15 differnt stores over the course of a week and a half and all they told me was, "we dont have any".
LOL. That's actually pretty hilarious. That's like ordering peanut butter online because your grocery store doesn't carry it. XD
petco is very unhelpful. they tell me they are getting a shipping on a set date then the next day im there all ready for SHRIMP anddd theirrr not there :/
That is very unhelpful. Hm, I wish you lived here, one place always has them...
theress 1 more store in my area ill just check that one out before i buy shrimp online im guessing.
i guess depending on where your from and if your friends with the people at the LFS cause i can get 5 for $1 when there usually 25¢ each so i get one free.
wow! That's a lot for cherry shrimp I would think! Those things breed like crazy and are very easy to take care of.... I'm surprised they aren't super cheap people just trying to keep them moving
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