giant danio eggs?

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Aug 14, 2006
i usually take the time to search the forum to see if anyone already answered my question but i do not have the time right now and i am super curious so sorry if this is already a post. has anyone ever seen giant danio eggs? i have had tanks for about 4 years now and have never seen what the eggs look like for any fish. i have had an unusually fat danio in my tank and i just figured he (or now to find out she) was getting more food than the others. last night when i got home from helping my friend pick up a 72 gal. bowfront (very jealous) i noticed that i had a bunch of little bubble looking things stuck to the wall of my tank. they almost look like the little styrofoam dots that you get when you break big pieces apart if they are eggs then i really had no idea that they could stick them to walls either.... i can get a picture later if that helps but i was just wondering if anyone could give me a clue off of what i described. thank you very much.
First is your female looking skinny? almost sick? when i breed danios the females looked sickly skinny after. and most eggs were laid on the bottom of the tank. of course i had a bredding tank with marbles on the bottom so could see eggs. and do you have any other fish in your tank? and if so what and how many.

andrew you are weird...

Good question, Is she still a fatty??

Hopefully your other fish wont eat them, good luck.
about the other fish in my tank.... i have a pleco, a black skirt tetra, 4 giant danios, and 2 albino cory cats. im starting to think it might be the cats because the behavior has changed drastically in the past few days. it seems as though they have become very mellow and relaxed. maybe im wrong but either way i will find out soon enough :)
yes i do have snails. i have a ton of MTS but i dont think it is them. i have had them for several months now and i have never seen any eggs.
So now you just need to figure out what to do with them...

I could use some cory cats if you get any that stay alive...

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