Glofish zebra school with what?

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May 6, 2019
I have a 10gal with a double moon betta. We researched and planned to add 5 glofish tetras. The shop didn't have the fish labelled well and once we got 2 home we could see they were zebrafish glofish not tetra glofish. So now we have 1 betta, 2 zebras, 1 neon tetra in 10 gals.
I know we need to complete the school but with what now?
Could I add 2 tetra as planned or will the zebras not hang with them?
They don't seem to be nipping when I'm watching.
Can you bring the zebra fish back to the store? I'd up the neons instead of going with different fish.
My 9yo suggested that. I'm not sure but my 5yo is attached. Maybe I can find someone to take them.
That would probably be best. Zebras don't really school the same way neons do. The neons also stay smaller which is what you need in a 10 gal.
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