Glue for sump

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Jan 1, 2004
I am in the process of building my own sump and have seen where others have done this as well....what type of glue to you use? I want to build some baffels into the 20 gallon tank Im using. I know someone said you can get some glue from Lowes / Home depot but I dont know what to use or not to use...
just find a tube of 100% silicone. I went anal and made sure that it didnt say it had microbal agents in it, but Im not sure that would make much of a difference once it cured.
I would agree with alarmguy66. If you already have a tank and you're just putting baffels in it, then just use the silicon. You can find this at a LFS. There's no need for glue if it's not going to hold the weight of all the water. A leak in a baffel is not the end of the world. Also, I'm not sure what glue would be good attach glass to acrylic.
I agree, It's not like there is any pressure cause once the tank has water back in it it will be more or less equal. I just did mine and it's outside for a day to cure. :mrgreen:
Where did you get the acrylic for the baffles? Does Home depot have it and can it be bought in small pieces? Thanks.
Home Depot and Lowes both have "plexi-glass" You can find it at a lot of hardware stores. It should work just fine for baffles in aquariums. I think that they will also cut it to to custom sizes for you. You might get lucky and find that they have some scrap pieces that they will sell you at a discount. Good Luck!
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