Glueing frags. What to use?

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Mar 31, 2004
Accokeek, Maryland
I'm really needing to glue some ricordias, shrooms and other various coral
to spots in my tank to keep the snails and hermits from toppling them. Like my pretty green straited shroom that came attahced to an empty snail shell would like nice in this particular hole on the side of the LR.

Is all super glue safe? I've had no luck at all with the putty. What should I watch out for with super glue and those products that resemble it?
use super glue gel that has cyanoacrylate in it. Shrooms are not the that easy to glue though.

Good luck.
As long as the shroom is already attached to something, I've had luck with aquastick and another one I can't remember. Anyway one's green and one's grey.

If the shroom isn't attached to anything, no glue or putty will work IMO

But yes, superglue gel is perfectly safe ... but it never worked for me...

I realize I didn't answer your question, but I've typed too much to let it go.
Yeah, the gluing I need to do is for corals already attached to something. I'll be gluing smaller rocks to larger rocks.
I found that the cheapest way is to go to a hobby store, model store and a tube of Maxi-cure cyanoacrylate a 1/2 oz tube is ~ $2.00. Put some on the pieces and glue them up.
or for that matter, since you're just gluing rock to rock, marine epoxy would work in this case - the kind specifically meant for sticking live rocks together.
superglue wont hold for more than a few days, in my experience. NOTHING ive found holds shrooms in place, they have to find their own home.
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