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Mar 20, 2005
I plan on getting a goby or some other type of bottom dwelling fish. I like the mandarin but am not going to go that way because I don't feel I have enough LR to keep one right now.

I'm looking for a goby with lots of character. Yellow watchman? Any other suggesions?...
I have a yellow watchman and really like it. A lot of personality, they always look so grumpy. See if you can find one at the LFS that is paired with a pistol shrimp. It is an amazing relationship to observe.
i have a yellow watchman goby as well and he's a bit shy. But he has his little cave he sits in and watches everything. I have a baby pistol shrimp in the tank but he doesn't come out much. Hopefully he gets bigger and finds the goby but we'll see i guess. I like him though. He's hardy and has a very interesting personality. Just the other day, i saw him grab a nassarius snail shell with his big mouth and drag it across the sand bed into his cave. I don't know what he's up to but he's fun to watch.
i have a diamond watchman goby... and he has like 3 different caves that he has dug out and just runs back and forth between them, while grabbing a few mouthfuls of sand on the way. hes pretty fun to watch
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