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Jan 31, 2005
I currently have 1 blue fin bamsel 1 emerald crab , reef hermits and snails

Here is what I want to for my nano 10 gallon

Little coral banded shrimp
possibly a porcelain crab

Does it sound good?
For a 10g nano? I'd stick with the damsel! I've heard mixed reviews on the CBS, but I don't remember what the down sides were. I'd go with a skunk, just because I like them so much! Good luck with your decision!
I would skip the CBS in a nano. It is tight quarters for one of these. I also would get rid of the damsel and try a peppermint or skunk ccleaner.
Yea, thats what I was thinking ,peppermints get rid of aiptisa and thats a plus, if I see that the tank is going well and everything looks healthy I will add a skunk cleaner because they are costly

What kinds of fish can you really keep in a 10g or less. The compatibility chart on the home page doesn't list any for smaller than 30g. I would be interested in knowing which ones.
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