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Jul 25, 2007
Southern California
Has anybody ever purchased from ? They seem to have a pretty good selection of colorful corals. I'm temtped to try out one of those acans in the near future. They are just so expensive though. The selections of acans is good, but I wouldn't want to purchase something so expensive from a vendor I hadn't heard about. Any info on would be appreciated.
I have not purchased from them before, BUT I bought several Acan frags on eBay over the weekend. I expect them here tomorrow. I'll post some pics. They cost me between $5.00 and $10.00 each with a flat $20 S&H + $5 each additional frag.
I am curious about the vividaquarium also, I found their livestock prices reasonable.
cmor- that sounds like a great deal. Please keep us posted with the pictures when they do arrive and I look forward to hearing from you how smoothly the entire transaction went.
hello everybody!! 5 months ago i decide to start a new hooby (sw fish tank) so i star searching for fish stores around my neighborhood ......and i got so lucky i found vivid aquariums ooohh yeah!!! this place is beautiful i can not found any other place like this in l.a .....they help me out so much,they keep all their equipment clean, if u love corals this is the this is where i start.
i stop today to get some corals and i spoke to one of the managers and he give me heads up on a show on octuber at orange county......get info at SCMAS Reef-A-Palooza and save some bucks ...see ya!!
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