Good Ro or RO/DI unit

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Apr 20, 2008
Findlay, Ohio
Weeelll, one thing is for sure, you are constantly learning in this hobby ;)

Anyway, I had gotten by so far by initially using treated tap water to start the aquarium up and add gallons of filtered water from the grocery store to make up for evaporated water - though admittantly have been using some tap water for water changes when I couldnt get to the store to get water. I know, it was not ideal to use tap..Lately i've been noticing an increase in diatom and some small patches of green algae and I believe the culprit of course is the tap.

I knew some people could get away with treated tap especially if fish only.. but depends on your water source of course.

Anyhow, what is the best unit to use..? I've heard Ro/Di is best, but would an RO or just a DI be sufficiant?. I have a 55 gal FOWLR and dont plan on corals anytime soon ( maybe in several years). I change about 10-20% every two weeks ( so about 5-10 gals roughly) . Im looking for the most efficiant for the price thats also easy to use ( Ill be honest, I have no idea how to hook it up LOL, though I imagine theres instructions..) and/or not a lot of waste water. ( any good ones in $100-200 range ideal) Any links / brand names would be really helpful! :)

One last question.. I know most people like 100 gph, but would a lower say 35 or so gph be sufficiant for my water change routine?

thanks in helping my constant learning and for all your kindness in doing so haha :)
I recently bought an R.O./D.I. unit from Foster's and Smith. They were having a sale, and I picked up a PureFlo II, 50 gallon/day for 140.00, which is a STEAL. I've had the unit for a month, and it works great. Check out their website.
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