got a new fish its a sergeant major damsel and it had no ich when I got it.

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Mar 17, 2012
So I got a new fish its a sergeant major damsel and it had no ich when I got it. All of a sudden it just appeared after only having him for 3 days please reply. I need help I'm a noobwie.
get him out of your main tank to a quarentine tank before he infects your whole tank. Keep an eye on the rest because some ich may have droped off him already
Well he's the only fish in their and I don't have enough moneyfor a little quarantine tank
well what else is in there. is there rock, sand, inverts what, because if there is you can't treat the tank and without treatment the fish will surely die. A ten gal. tank is only about 15 or 20 bucks
Ya I know but their is only like 10 lbs of rock and 20 pounds of sand and both are live. My dad is arguing with me that u don't need a quarantine tank because he's only had freshwater tank. I'm the only one in the house who has the salt and I'm like arguing with him on how to treat it
krocky tell your dad its absolutely a necessity to have a qt tank for salt or fresh
Ya I know. Lucky that was my only fish in there and there was some rock and sand that r live. I'm going to be taking that fish back. Can u tell what else I can do so that if any of the ich fell of I can just get rid of it. Thanks
If you just leave the system fallow(no fish) ick will starve and die in 6-8 weeks ..
But I really don't want to wait that long us there anything else I can do that is faster
you could take out the rock and sand an start over but you'd have to wait almost that long to recycle it
Uh ok is their like any meds that I can put in to help quicken it or a uv sterilizer
No, there isn't. A uv sterilizer won't remove ich. There are to many of them in the water column (during that short phase) to all pass through the sterilizer.
Take everything out

Clean everything

And all new water...

Then wait for the cycle again.

Go buy Quick Cure, it will cost you about $9.00. Ick will not just die off because it can live in the sand. Quick cure works good and won't turn your water brown like the other brands.
do not use quick cure it can not be used if you have snails, inverts, or live rock or sand
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