green/blue carpet anenome.....

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Feb 6, 2006
Spokane, WA
I know these are considered difficult to keep, but why? what makes them so difficult to keep. I really want one but if its way out of my skill level then i won't even try. I'm not planning on getting it right away, I just want to do some research on them first. TIA
They are relatively easy to keep if you have the right set up. The big problem comes when they insist on devouring everything in your tank......and I do mean everything.
Well i guess its a no go then.why are the considered to be reef safe? Will it try to eat/mess with my corals too? I read that it'll eat fish other than the clowns that host it, but will it eat my hermits and snails also?
I think your clowns, rocks, and sand would be safe, but don't put anything else in the tank that you don't mind losing. Clownfish will actually catch shrimp and feed them to the anenome.
Wow that is pretty crazy. I have a scooter blenny and a bicolor blenny in there along with my two clowns. I don't think i'll be getting one then. They are just too cool though. Maybe i'll set up a tank just for it! :) jk I wish i had the money to do it but oh well. thanks for the help guys!
I agree that they are not hard to keep but hard to keep them from eating everything. They are a terror.
Well then maybe i'll start looking for something a little less agressive and just as colorful! Any suggestions? :)
i just dont want it roaming around stinging the brain coral or getting stung by it. i've got some long tenticle plate coral at the bottom also. will they be smart enough to stay away from the brain coral and the plate coral?
i always wanted an anenome to, i can tell you some stories. even if you get the right anenome for your clownfish it could still eat them. i've lost a long list of inverts and fish to anenomes, and an anenome to a power head once plus they can discharge toxins into your tank. i'll probably buy another one someday it is cool to watch clowns feed and live in them
I just lost my anemone to my PH a few weeks ago. It was a green bta which looked really cool but i just wanted something with a little more color. everything in my tank is green and i need some color added! I was looking at the rose anemone but no one here has them and i'm a little bit leary about buying fish online. Plus the shipping just kills my wallet.
my friend has bought fish and corals from and they were in great shape. they usually have the rose bta which looks awesome. shipping is free with a $75 purchase which i dont mind since you usually spend more when you go to the LFS! HTH
Thanks for the info. I live on base and the people that work at the post office aren't like you and me. They are mentally handicaped and have to be supervised. I dont want to sound mean because its cool that they are working. They like to shake the packages especially when they know that there is fish in the box. Also, I'm a little hesitant on buying online just for the fact that you dont always get to see what you're buying. You could be buying a real terror or just something that lasts thru the 14 day warranty then dies on the 15th day. Maybe i'll give it a shot. I was thinking about buying a coral pack from Dr.'s F&S. Has anyone bought coral from them? Do they switch out corals from their packs if you already have half of the pack?
im sure that Dr.'s F&S is a reliable source but shipping will get pricey. never bought coral from them though so i dont know if they switch out the corals but i would think that they would have some good quality corals. what type of corals are you looking for. ive been getting frags form from the locals around my area. you can check that out for some pretty decent prices.
Do they switch out corals from their packs if you already have half of the pack?
Seriously doubt it. Also check out I have also purchased from liveaquaria. They have good corals.
Okay, so I broke down and ordered online today from I got a flame angel and two of the 7.99 mushrooms that they had. I'm hoping they arrive okay and in good shape. I'm going to find out when the fed-ex guy goes to the post office and just meet him over there. This way it goes strait into my hands and no one elses'. Anyway thanks for the info on ordering. I looked to see if they had the rose anemone but they are out. They are a little on the expensive side but if they are as good as you say then i'm sure its worth it! I'll keep checking back to see when they get it and go from there.
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