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Oct 16, 2014
New Hampshire
Hello Everyone!

I am still relatively new to fishkeeping. I had many half-hearted attempts with 10 gallon goldfish tanks that were unsuccessful when I was younger. Then about a year ago or so I was given this 30 gallon tank with a cabinet, all the supplies, and these two HUGE fancy goldfish. They were near the end of their lives when I got them, and my lack of experience probably led to their passing on to fishy heaven. Awww. Anyway, since then it has evolved into a beautiful planted community tank. Thanks to many of the posts here on this site, and my LFS of course, I have learned a lot. I joined the forum to offer my sincere appreciation for those of you who maintain this site and all the wonderful people who post here. Thank you so much!



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Nice tank. Agree, this is a great site.

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