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Jul 29, 2005
Kansas City, KS
I just got my GT and JD and on thursday I'm going to get my Oscar. My Jack Dempsey is already beautiful... I'll have to get pics. My green terror is small still... about 1½" about an inch smaller than my jack dempsey... but hopefully they'll be alright. They have plenty of room right now to get used to... 60 gallons each right now till i get the oscar... The danios are in there and they can chase them around... I hope not too much or ill just move the danios out again. I'm hoping to use them as dither fish. If it doesnt work out and I lose one within the next couple weeks I'll just find them a home and get some silver dollars or something. Anyway I better keep acclimating them and get some pics!
heres pics


Very nice photos and very nice fish! One lfs here uses the Danios as dither fish in a cichlid tank and they only lost one danio in 4 months. Good luck!
Thanks the green terror pic is blurred cause hes a crazy little guy lol... Yea I hope the danios work out with mine as my fish arent very big right now and are no where big enough to fit the 3" danios in their mouthes... lol Hopefully my danios will get about 4-5" in time to not get eaten...
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