Guppies or Platies?

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Aqua Girl

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Jun 16, 2018
I’m trying to decide between guppies and platies, and was wondering which is more active and fun to watch.
Hello Aqua...

Why not keep both. Guppies and Platys do well together. Both are livebearers and peaceful fish, given good water conditions and a tank at least 30 gallons. The bigger the tank, the better. I keep these fish and some others in a 60 gallon tank.

I wish I could have both! But I will be getting only a 20 gallon tank and will have several other types of fish as well.
I've had guppies for years, they are very pretty with many different color and tail options, although I agree they can be more fragile. I would suggest all males no matter which fish you choose however as you will quickly be over run with fry.
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