Hair Algae ?????

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Feb 9, 2004
North Carolina, USA
I have been fighting Green Hair algae, I have been brushing it off with a brush , but can not seem to keep it from coming back. I am using well water. Everything else in the tank appears to be doing well.

question: Should I start using RO ?, if so what is the best way to convert?
what % water changes?, how oftend?.
Is there anything else I can do to combat this problem?l

Most common reason for hair algae is high nitrates and phosphates. Have you ever tested your well water? What are these parameters in your tank?
I would go with an RO unit and do maybe 10% water changes every week or so. It won't happen overnite, but if you remove the "food" for the hair algae it will eventually die off.
I would most definitely recommend a RO unit coupled with a DI filter. You might need to spend the extra $ for a booster pump since your water source is from a well (usually not enough pressure for a RO unit). The purified water will eliminate 99.9% of nitrate, phosphate & silicates that might be in your well water that contributes to the hair algae fuel source. The other two things to look at is your feeding habits and age of the light bulbs illuminating your tank. Are you overfeeding? Are your flourescent/power compact/metal halide bulbs over 12 months old?
Thanks for the advice.
I don't think I am over feeding , but will keep this is mind.
My VHOs are only a couple months old. I will begin RO (LS) water chnages soon.

I'll let you know how things turn out.
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