Hammer coral requirements

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Jan 4, 2013
Looking to get a hammer coral for the tank. Any hints and tips on the corals needs/ experience would be much appreciated!
My hammer was my second coral, it seems to be pretty easy. I only have a 2 build HO t5 and I have seen steady growth. I added it to my tank when it had been up for about ~3 months. My main recommendation is to find the right amount of flow for it. Mine likes pretty low flow, when it is just right you can get some pretty good extension. They are great corals and good growers.
Here is mine the week I added it


And here it is today


That is about 6 months growth.
I don't spot feed it, occasionally it grabs some food from the water when I feed my fish and it seems to be eating my shrimp molts for some reason (not sure if that is good but it happens). It gets most of its "food" from my lighting. It had 3 heads when I bought it and now each has split so I have 6 now. That's why I would say the only care I would recommend is finding the right flow since that's all I did.

I do add fuel to my tank occasionally.
That is awesome thanks guys! Looking to get one of these in the next month.
Just got the hammer coral today and just wondering how long it should take to open up?
I'm running a marineland 48-60 reef led on the tank as well....
Better post a link to the LEDs. I didn't think Marineland made a coral capable led system despite their misleading name.
It's just now opening ill post the link really quick starting to look good I think....

This is it, how long does it take to open. It has opened a little since the store.
That light spec will not support LEDs if it's accurate.
There a a couple dozen 10000K 1watt LEDs to support you fish and algae and 8 1 watt night lights to keep everything awake at night. Nothing for the corals. Sorry.
that light is only meant for low light coral like some leathers
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