Happy to be here! Cant wait to learn more.

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Jan 13, 2013
Charleston, SC
I've been keeping fish periodically for about 2 years. My first was a beta. Due to a combination of a bad fish store (Walmart) and inexperience, he didn't last very long. I was more successful with my 2 female mollies. They were playful, friendly, and a blast to keep. The last of them died a couple months ago and I recently replaced her with 2 guppies!

So, I'm really still learning and experimenting. Trying to figure out which kinds of foods to use, what kinds of fish I like to keep, and what degree of difficulty I can handle.

Any who, this site has been my recent favorite for advice as I set up my tank so I finally decided to join! You guys are really helpful and I look forward to learning more!! :wave:

Oh, and here's my tank. 5 gallons. You can see my guppies to the right. Let me know if you can sugest any improvements :)


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