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Apr 27, 2008
Chicago, IL
I am setting up a 120 gallon freshwater tank. The dealer wants to sell me an Eheim 2128 thermofilter which has a built in heater. Does anyone have any experience with this type of filter/heater set-up? My question is whether the heater in this system works or do I need a separate external heater like a Visi-Stealth submersible? Thanks, Steve
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I can't speak to that unit, I've heard about the built in heaters in the eheims, but have no experience with them. Either way, in larger tanks such as yours, I recommend a second heater as a backup, whether you use the built in or not.
I'm not familiar with that unit either but it raised a few good questions in my mind.
If the heater stops working can it be replaced and how much would it cost? How hard would it be to replace i.e. is the part easy to find/disassembling and reassembling unit?
Personally i'm not a fan of combo units in anything. I find it easier to replace/repair components when they are separate. I've only been in this hobby for 8 months and already have had to replace a heater. Just my opinion. And good work on doing research b4 listening to a salesman.

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heater questions

Thanks for the responses. I've decided to go with a separate filter and heater. The Visi-Stealth seems to be the heater to get. thanks again, Steve:p
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