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i am treating for ich at this time, and from what i have read, it says to turn up the heat slowly over a period of days so as to not stress the fish. but im not that advanced and neither is my heater. the little light either comes on or it doesnt. and with as hot as it is being summer, it gave me a good head start and now my temp is at 92f. so is this too hot?
87 is generally the target for Ich treatment. If your heater is what raised your temp to 92, then back the heater down until you are at 87-88. If the temp is 92 due to the weather, then you REALLY need to find a way to cool things down a bit. Less light, especially in the middle of the day, a fan blowing over the top of the tank.

Also, make sure you have LOTS of aeration going - 92 degree water holds very little oxygen for the fish.
ok src, i backed off the heater and dropped the lights down to 30 watts instead of 110. i have some good algae growing and i dont want to mess it up.

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