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Jul 18, 2009
New Orleans (Westbank)
Just curious if anyone has an extra heater laying around somewhere? I'll pay for shipping if I need to, prefer someone local.

Mine died! I don't feel like buying a new one. Would rather buy it used.


If not, it never hurts to ask`:silly:
bummer, I have one I don't like that I am using to cycle a tank.

If I find any fish stuff at the yard sale today I will pick it up.
i would rather buy new since you dont know what you're getting with a used one and how long it will last. just go pick up a visi therm stealth and you will be good til you dont want to be in the hobby any more. if it goes bad you just call them up and they will likely send you a new one.

also if you go down to the bottom of the forums page there will be a BUY-SELL-TRADE section for classifieds and barter/trade to post these types of threads.
I had to badmouth the one in my cycling tank... just broke on me
why I prefer the submersible ones, they are less prone to shattering.

that is if you remember to unplug them when you do the PWC. This one just shattered on it's own.
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