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Richie Ealea

Aquarium Advice Apprentice
Mar 23, 2014
Leeds, England
So while doing my water changes my heater has fallen apart . I noticed the coils were getting a little rusty but I thought that was normal . As my water level got below the heater rust started filling my tank !! I managed to suck it off the bottom so there isn't any visible . What does this mean for my fish ? Will they be ok ? ALSO how long will they be able to manage without a heater ? And on regards to buying a new heater is it the higher wattage the better ? My tank is 60L . Thanks guys ! X
Did u unplug heater for waterchange? If not it got too hot and thats what broke it. Higher wattage heats faster so it wont be on as much. Make sure to always unplug heater when u take out water. As long as water temp stays above 70° F ur fish will be fine.

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