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Mar 7, 2015
North Carolina
Hello, I am glad to help and to be helped, here is a little about my tanks. I have owned tanks for about 6 years. (surprising to some considering my age of under 15) I started out with a 40 gallon community which I knew almost nothing about at the time, now I have a 10 gallon saltwater and a 55 gallon saltwater both going to be turned to fresh after a year and a half with "reef keeping" more like on the brink of failure. A 55 gallon lake Malawi cichlid tank looking great will post some pictures later. And a 40 and 10 gallon freshwater community both doing great.

Hope to help- Noah
Welcome we are glad to have you! Tank shots are always welcome! What fish do you keep now?


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As of tank shots I have a question. I can't seem to upload pictures from the computer should i use a phone instead?
Here are the stocking lists:
10 Gallon Freshwater
Guppies x4 (2 Males, 2 Females)
Black Neons x5
Black Kuhlii x1
Baby Albino Bristlenose x1 (soon going in 40 gallon)
Baby Upside Down Catfish x1 (also going in 40 gallon)
40 Gallon Freshwater
Zebra Danio x3
Bloodfin Tetra x4
Betta x1
Giant Danio x2
Rainbow Shark x1
Bolivian Ram x1
Blue Ram x2
55 Gallon Cichlid
Hi Fin Spotted Pleco x1
Yellow Lab x1
Blue Acei x1
Jacobfreigby Peacock x2
Ruby Crystal Peacock x2
Calico Mbuna x1
Ropefish x1
Australian Rainbowfish x3
55 Gallon Saltwater
Yellow Coris Wrasse x1
Longfin Fairy Wrasse x1
Lawnmower Blenny x1
Engineer Goby x1
Black Axial Chromis x1
Ocellaris Clownfish x2
Definitely an interesting combination.

1. Watch out guppies reproduce like wildfire lol.

2. How does the Betta behave? They are quite Territorial.

3. Kuhli are much more active and comfortable in groups.

I wish I knew more about saltwater. Maybe one day I'll step to the salty side.
Hope this helps :)


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Ropefish also get almost 30 inches long. I have one myself in a 75 gallon planted. Love it to death.


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My guppies have had babies who have either been eaten or are bidding in the rocks going to be eaten by the up side down cat. My Betta is pretty peaceful as long as there lots of other fish in the tank before you get a Betta you should get one. My LFS has a really nice 3" bright orange one. I have had saltwater for a year and a half and trust me it is hard to keep up with. I had a little 6-line wrasse (look it up if you don't know what it is) who ended up taking a nap on my bed and was flushed. It was quite funny.
I actually do have a Betta :)

ImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1425786432.894976.jpg

Also looking at a crowntail.

Why I asked is because bettas really are a hit or miss in community tanks. 9/10 times its a miss and aggression sets in. The only way I see a community tank working is with fish larger than them that also won't eat them. But again it's with motoring aggression. They don't call them fighter fish for nothing!


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Do you think I could get more fish in the 10 gallon. Also I don't like keeping the same fish in different tanks which is why I have interesting combos
IMO you are pretty stocked even after moving those two to the 40.


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Also rainbow Sharks while only getting 6" long actually do get quite big. They also are territorial and will eat what can fit in their mouth. So once the shark gets big I'd worry about those danios.


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Also I have done research (hours of it) I am pretty much a walking fish dictionary. And it makes sense because I really want to be an Ichthyologist. So I asumed that the rainbow shark would be fine unlike its cousin the restful shark.
This is why I was concerned. This is from www.AqAdvisor.com it's a popular stocking generator for fish tanks.

ImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1425787571.357271.jpg
10 gallon looks alright

Here's the shocker:
ImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1425787601.126652.jpg
That's your 40g (I used a 40 breeder)
I don't think I've ever seen so much red text there.

Don't pay attention to filtration capacity in worried about your crush comparability.


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Whoops. I will watch for issues. I think they are fine the giant Danio were schooling with the rainbows and I am planning to get some more rainbows for the 40 gallon. As for the smaller schooling fish they typically all school together. And the Betta and the rams stay in separate parts of the tank. The Betta is always in the least populated part of the tank where he is visited and angered by the tetras.
Hey noah, welcome. As stated there are a few problems here. The 40 was well pointed out by Caleb. A lot going on in that cichlid tank. The more qualified cichlid guys can tell you more than I but that mbuna/peacock stocking will likely be trouble.

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