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Jun 13, 2012
Just new to the forums. Just getting back into the hobby, kids are old enough to now appreciate the joys of fish and to help raise and care for pets. I have started the obsession once again.
A little background info, years ago I raised a group of red bellies from baby to adult, was a great 3 years but a unfortunate mistake ended the tank for me. Needless to say I will never feed beef liver again as a treat, it filters the cow but releases toxins in the tank. Lesson learned.
So this is a fresh start, a lot more reading and research this time around. I have my new 60 gal tank and baby red bellies. A breeder tank with guppies, and to my surprise today one female birthed 5 babies this afternoon, glad I put the divider in last night.
Well that's my short/long intro.
My guppy babies, and then my red belly tank.


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