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Feb 27, 2014
Mobile, Al., USA
Hello All.

Kind of new to the hobby especially the larger tanks. I have been keeping small tanks under 5g since I was 10 but I recently got my 2 largest tanks being a 30g and a 36g. I like keeping communities and am currently in the process of converting my 10g into a nano tank. Just thought I would stop by since I have made a few post and introduce myself. I look forward to learning and helping anyone out where I can. I will post my tanks with equipment and what I keep. All of my tanks have been running and are cycled. They all have the exact same parameters at pH7.0, amm 0, nitrite0, and nitrates never get above 5 to 10 ppm but are currently under 5ppm.

10g Nano: 1 tetra 15g filter. Planted with rotalia and java moss. Stock: a few molly fry.

30g: 1 aqueon 30g filter. Planted with bog plants, local grasses, rotalia, duckweed, and freshwater lettuce. Stock: Molly, plattie, a clown Pleco, 2 Cory Cats, 1 Male Kribensis, 1 honey Gourami, and 2 Hillstream Loaches.

36g: 1 aqueon 30g filter and 1 50g aqueon filter. Planted with local grasses, bog plants, 3 different species of swords, Anubias, rotalia, and wisteria. Stock: 1 Halfmoon Betta, 1 Balloon Pearl Gourami, 1 Dwarf Neon Blue Gourami, 1 Sparkling Gourami, 2 Leopard Gourami, 6 Zebra Danios, 6 Bloodfin Tetras, 6 Pristilla Tetra (x-ray), 3 Serpae Tetra, 3 Neon Blue Cobalt Goby, 2 Calebes Rainbowfish, 3 Lizard Catfish, 3 Golden Killifish, 1 Male GBR, 1 Male Kribensis, 1 Glass Tetra(leftover from my very first tank.), 6 White Clouds, 1 Queen (L-260) Pleco, 2 Dario Botia, 1 Angelicus Botia, 2 Hillstream Loaches, and a few inverts such as ghost shrimp, nerite snails, ramshorn, and a bamboo shrimp.


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