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Deep Seven

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Aug 7, 2010
Van. Isl., BC Canada
Hello all.

I live in western Canada and work as a SCUBA diver. I've been hanging around the forums for a while, decided it was time to join so I could participate in the discussions, and ask questions about my new build.

It's been 24 years since my last tank, as a kid I had two FW tanks, first tank had mickey mouse platies, a cool looking shark (look-a-like?), some others I thought looked cool, a couple cleaners and plants (plants kept well trimmed or it turned into a jungle), second tank had 2 turtles, a couple cleaners, lots of plants, and my babie platies so they didn't get eaten in the big tank.

After about a year I had to move and lost my tanks. Ever since I've always kinda wanted to get back into the hobby, but when I first moved out on my own, it seemed like aquariums were out of my price range, and while nice, wasn't something I had to have.

Well, the home aquarium industry has advanced leaps and bounds since those days. My first view of a reef aquarium and I was hooked. Watching a friend build his tropical saltwater reef tank set the hook. Theres no way I'm getting away now.

I thought a lot about what kind of tank I want to build. A tropical reef tank would look amazing and I'm sure I could get endless enjoyment from it. But I'm a SCUBA diver in a temperate zone and I'm in the water 5 days a week. I have tons of amazing life all around me that would look fantastic in a tank. So I'm considering a temperate reef tank; I would be severely limited to stock I could purchase, but I could probably catch everything I wanted myself, and save money. (money is tight, may slow me down, but I plan to keep plodding)

So right now working on a DIY chiller and keeping an eye open for someone getting rid of aquarium gear cheap. I eventually want to make my own tank, a plywood/glass composite, but I may leave that part till last, and set up a 90g glass tank I have when I have the rest of the equipment.

Deep Seven

P.S. Was coming up with a name, figured since I dive, maybe Deep Six, but I didn't want to be named after a euphemism for death, and most of my dives are down to 70fsw, so Deep Seven it is.
Hey All.

I'm back. And forth. And fifth, etc. :)

Update: My puffer tank got mothballed. I couldn't keep my snails alive (live puffer food), and couldn't figure out why they kept dying, so I dropped it for now.

At this point I'm planning a vivarium (frog terrarium), and setting up a 55g freshwater aquarium to house fish from a 29g aquarium that's being given to me.

It's probably been over a year since I was last posting. I'm glad to be back.
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