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Sep 7, 2013
Hi everyone!

I'm new to the aquarist hobby, having just bought my first tank (60L Biorb) just over a month ago. Granted, I should have researched more before getting the tank but I bought it in a rush from advice from the shop having just inherited my parents' shubunkin goldfish (5yrs old) and wanted to give him a bigger home than his wee bowl.

Obviously I have been doing fish in cycling and have gradually increased the stock to the goldfish, 4 guppies and a dwarf African aquatic frog. They all seem happy and I am delighted with my new hobby.

This forum has been very helpful in expanding my knowledge and i do now realise I haven't done things at all in the correct order but I can't bear to part with my new aquatic family so am continuing with 20% water changes every 2 days yet the levels stay consistent at:
pH 7.6
Ammonia 0.25
Nitrites 0
Nitrates 0
(according to the API master kit i use)

I removed the carbon granules from the Biorb filter a few weeks ago as they seemed quite bloated and I read on a forum that they're only really needed to remove medication from the water.

I use Tetra aquasafe to treat the water (6ml for 12L change) and nutrafin cycle (15ml every water change - ie every 2nd day). Despite this, the water doesn't really seem to be progressing in its cycle, though granted its only been 4 weeks.

I'm thinking about asking my LFS for a few bits of gravel to help seed the bacteria but am wondering if anyone out there has any advice/comments regarding getting the water cycled?

Warm welcome to the AA. Its nice to see more uk members. Go over to the getting started section and im sure theyll be lots of guys over there to help out.
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