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Mar 17, 2013
Louisville, KY
Hey gang, I am new here and am very excited. I have added most of my set up info to my profile but I will go ahead and share a little bit here about myself and my tank:

1. 26 years old, first year elementary teacher
2. Had fish when I was a kid and loved it. This is my first go at it in over ten years.
3. I am interested in schooling fish and eventually, a planted tank. Right now I am in love with Neon Tetras (who isn't!??)

My Set Up:
1. Aqueon 36 Gallon Bow Front
2. Fresh Water
3. Mostly artificial Plants and Decor save for a few Moss Balls and a Rock
4. Aqueon QuietFlow 30 Filter
5. Used Top Fin Water Conditioner, let it run for two days, and added two Zebra Danios along with Tetra Safe Start to begin the cycling process (just added them today).

My Hopes:
1. To Learn from You all in order to Properly Maintain My Tank
2. To Use what I Learn to Help Others in My Situation
3. To Share my Journey with You all via Videos and Pics
4. To eventually have My tank mostly filled with Neon Tetras!!
Welcome to AA! I grew up in Burlington, KY, but am living in Oregon now. You'll find lots of friendly helpful people here.
Thanks all! Completely, I am in the Crescent Hill area! I have actually decided against buying many fish from the corporate places like PetSmart as I have received two ich infestations out of three purchases! Any recommendations in Louisville for local, well kept fish?
Noahs Ark Hillview. I also like Pet Palace on the corner of Bardstown Rd and Goldsmith Ln. Oh, and Sandy's Pets off Hess Ln. They run awesome sales on rocks and wood too. Where do you go?
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