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Aug 7, 2013
Recently moved into a new apartment and decided an aquarium would be a great way to decorate my new place. Throw in a few decorations and randomly add some fish. Boy was I wrong. After reading up on this great new hobby I am happily learning how fun and not so simple owning an aquarium is. Just set up and planted my 20g aquarium, and today i added my initial fish. My four harlequin rasboras are already schooling and having a great time in their new home. Can't wait till my aquarium is cycled so I can add more residents. My only regret was not going with a bigger tank.
Hello and welcome! You can always get more tanks, we call it MTS or Multi-Tank Syndrome. If you have any questions don't be shy about asking, people on this forum love questions. What plants did you end up with? Or can you post a pic of your tank?
welcome. I like the driftwood and rocks in your tank. are you in Baltimore?
Lol only had my first tank for a week and fish for a few hours, and already got a case of mts. Found so much great info from this board already. Don't remember all the names of the plants i got but have some amazon swords and Cyprus helferi. One of my initial mistakes was getting an led light so that limited my plant choice. Just put a pic of my tank under my profile. Hope I did it correct.
Thanks Gish. Trying to make my tank look as natural as possible. Live downtown in baltimore.
Thanks Gish. Trying to make my tank look as natural as possible. Live downtown in baltimore.

Welcome from VA!
NoVA-DC-B'More traffic is wonderful.

I had that rock (two tiered one in the center) at one time but my tank got too crowded so it had to go.
you might look into anbias and java fern and also the wendilov variety of java fern. They grow nicely in lower light. Looks good though!
Would you recommend moss balls. Will they help with my fish in cycling?
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