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Jan 27, 2020
I'm new to this whole site. I'm from Ohio & My name is Kristi! My bf, & I started doing saltwater aquariums a year ago. Needless to say one tank grew to about 10 now...We have some major systems and looking to grow into so much more. Bf is starting with Blue Spotted Rays & Puffers, and my daughter & I are doing the Clowns and the Tangs haven't yet figured out what else to put into it other than corals and beautiful pink live sand. If any of you have any advice for me I still have one more tank to figure out what to do with (110 gallons) all the larger tanks my bf is going to be using as breeder tanks for his blue spotted rays with seems kinda interesting. :dance:
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Welcome! You will doings that this forum is more geared to freshwater imo but there are some good reefers here, sniperhank, comes to mind. I have 3 freshwater, a mixed reef and an indoor turtle pond. If you have any pictures definitely share!
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